Please find below our rules for the usage of Ladywood Lakes. All of our rules are enforced to make sure that both you and our fish have a pleasant, uninterrupted stay and to maintain a high quality fishing lake.
Our rules make sure everybody has a great time at Ladywood lakes.

10 acre Carp Lake
When you start fishing the Bailiff will collect money on the bank.
Fishing is from designated swims only-( you may set up next to the swim if doubling up)
Minimum 42” landing net- ALL nets must be disinfected in the tanks provided.rinse in the lake after 20 mins, please.
Cradles or High sided mats only plus a retaining sling.
No maggots March 1st – 1st Nov, no lead core or any leaders of any type-tubing only, nuts, boats, guns, swimming, fires or unattended rods.
No braided main line, minimum 12lb mono.
Barbed hooks only.
All Carp to be returned to the water via sling or zip mat.
Bait boat may be used sensibly.
3 rods may be used, consider other anglers, please.
Environment Agency rod licence is required.
No Carp sacks.
NO Children under 12 permitted on the lake. Ages 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an Adult.
No climbing over the lake fence.
Park in car parks.
No litter to be left.

NO BBQ’s are permitted.

Strictly NO TENTS- bivvys and fishing ovals only.

All fake baits are banned including, zig foam, zig bugs and aligners

LADYWOOD LAKES phone number is 07792731170 .
2.5 acre SMALL LAKE
Pre-booked fishing only 7am -7pm not after the hours of darkness

CARP FISHING: 2 rods only
12lb minimum line
Micro barb hooks
Large unhooking mats are compulsory
NO nut baits
NO fixed rigs
All nets to be disinfected in tanks provided, rinse in the lake after 20 mins.
GENERAL FISHING:No keepnets to be used, all fish must be returned to the lake as soon as unhooked.
Barbless hooks only.
NO nut baits
2-rod max
Large unhooking mat compulsory

Cars to be parked in car park.
No litter to be left on the fishery.

Please close all gates behind you upon leaving / entering our fishery.
*Well behaved bivvy dogs will now be allowed-they must be kept under control at ALL times and ALL mess is to be cleaned up immediately, you will be asked to leave if you fail to adhere to any of these rules. * Nobody is allowed to leave the fishery or enter the fishery during hours of darkness.
The owner accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or theft whilst at the fishery.